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Reusing Candles Wax

Instead of throwing out your candle wax, it can be reused. Candle wax from old candles can be used to make new ones. You can also mix and match different melted waxes from old candles to create new fragrances or colours.
All you need are:
  • Pouring jar
  • scissor
  • wicks (cotton or wooden)
  • Leftover candle wax from old candle jars
  • A new jar if needed.
  • To remove the wax and separate the wick from the old candle jars, I usually trim the burned part of the wick and then place the jar in a hot water to melt the wax from the jar. When this is done, I pour my wax into my candle pouring pitcher. I repeat these steps depending on how many candle wax jars I want to recycle.
  • I then wash the old candle jars and add the new wicks into the jars. I usually wash them with warm water and then give them a good wipe.
  • I usually add leftover wax altogether disregarding the scent. This is just me trying to experiment with making new scents. You do not have to do this though, this is just my personal preference. I use my recycled candles for myself. You can put wax with the same scent together.
  • I then use my double boiler method to melt the wax and pour it at the best temperature. I usually pour at 60°c and it works for me. The pouring temperature might be different, depending on the type of candle wax you used. If you cannot use the double boiler method, use your microwave and make sure you check it every minute till the wax is completely melted. I don't use microwave, but it is an option for those at home who do not have equipment for the double boiling.
  • When pouring hold onto your wick with one hand and slowly pour. Make sure you are holding the wick straight. And leave it to rest till the next day and you are ready to use it. Please do not Refrigerate the wax.

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