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Myariella Candles

Square Tray

Square Tray

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This sturdy, eco-friendly resin Square Tray is designed to be an elegant addition to any home decor. Its small size is perfect for displaying your favourite items, and the craft gold leaf decoration adds an extra layer of style to any room.


  • Please exercise caution when handling the trays. DO NOT DROP.
  • The trays are intended for decorative use only and should not be used as soap holders, cup holders or any source of liquid. Additionally, it is advised to avoid exposing the trays to high-humidity environments such as bathrooms. It is not sealed with water resistance.
  • To clean the trays, gently wipe them with a dry or lightly damp cloth. Avoid submerging them in water or storing them in high-humidity environments.
  • Please note that it is unsafe to place the trays in a dishwasher or microwave or for use as a food dish.
  • Each piece may possess its individuality, with enchanting flaws such as air bubbles or subtle colour variations. This only adds to the beauty.
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